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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Amistad Day 3

Hellabass Day 3 Blog is up...

SMG has a March 10 Blog up...

Amistad PRO Top 12
1. Derek Remitz: 80-01
2. Steve Kennedy: 77-02
3. Mike Iaconelli: 76-04
4. Todd Faircloth: 75-01
5. Edwin Evers: 71-04
6. Davy Hite: 69-13
7. KVD 68-4
8. John Murray 67-1
8. Jeff Kriet 67-1
10. Skeet 66-14
11. Ken Brodeur 66-12
12. Ish 66-09

MN Co-Anglers Day 3
20 Joe Barnett 36-8
32 Richard Lindgren 31-7
36 David Doty 27-11
48 Wayne Lindgren 21-11
85 Jason Dudek 10-0

Team Evinrude Day 2 Journal

Liveblogging the weigh IN
I'm enjoying watching the ESPN/Bass Live Leaderboard

Right now MN boy Derek Remitz has taken the tournament lead with a Day 3 leading bag of 30-7. He also has Big Bass as of right now with a 9-2 kicker.

Other notable news at this point: IKE stays consistant with another 24lb bag, KVD may not make the top 12 cut; he only caught 17-4 today. Gary Klien only caught 8-8 and has dropped out of the top 12, so far he has low bag of the day (didn't even catch a limit).

Hellabass' pro Jason Quinn weighs 13-14
Hellabass weighs his tournament best at 13-1 (He will probably move up but is way short of the cut)
Hellabass total weight 31-7
Hellabass' Dad weighs only 1 bass for 2-6 total 21-11

Ken Cook has the new Pro low bag with 8-2
Real-time leaderboard is now stuck on Brent Chapman-I hate when that happens.

Weigh in is now over. KVD made the cut in 7th. Todd Faircloth had the days big bag 36-7 and big bass 10-11. Derek Remitz is in 1st Place.

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