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Monday, March 05, 2007

Congratulations! to Terry "Big Show" Scroggins on his come from behind win at the BASS Southern Open on the Kissimmee Chain. Story

Bassfan's weigh in on Swindle DQ
BP weighs in on Bassfan's article:
I am of the opinion that Gerald Swindle operated his boat in a reckless and unsportsmanlike manner at the Bassmasters Classic and agree that Tournament Director, Trip Weldon, made the right call. The BassFan article confirms that there are many that agree with this assessment, but not all. Those who justify Swindle's actions are flat out foolish. It is common sense that you don't run through boat traffic at a high rate of speed. All the talk about a "narrow" channel misses the mark; You don't navigate a channel at high speed if there is little room for maneuver because of other boats. It is common courtesy to not buzz by other boats especially at distances of no more than a couple of feet.

Swindle himself tried to justify his action claiming to be a "professional boat driver." If he were such a Pro he would have shut it down and idled through because that was THE ONLY sensible action.

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