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Friday, March 09, 2007

Amistad Day 2

Halloween Machine! Grand Rapids Thunderhawks beat #1 Edina Cake Eaters 3-1 in Minnesocold State High School Hockey Tournament.

3 Questions

Excellent Amistad Coverage at BassZone

Pro's Picks to win it.

Co-Angler Report

Drats! It looks like the Real-time Leaderboard is down, therefore "No weigh in for you" Update:It's working now!

SMG Pro's On Tour March 8 & 9

Billy Harris Bass Pro has a Percy Priest Tournment blog up.

Hellabass Day 2 Blog

MN Co-Anglers Day 2
19 Joe Barnett 26-5
36 Wayne Lindgren 19-5
46 Richard Lindgren 18-6
48 David Doty 17-0
85 Jason Dudek 10-0

Fantasy Notes:
Bass Pundit 1: KVD moves up +9 into 5th Place, Kennedy holds on by the skin of his teeth, Linter backs off a little along with ISH. Niggemeyer is a disaster pick, LAST PLACE (not even a bonus point) Overall Day 2 about the same to positive.

BP boys: Martens drops like a rock right out of the cut. Ish and Kennedy see BP1, Jeff Reynolds bombs without limit, Place 106. Crews is a slight up mover +6 and in Da Cut. Overall a tough one because of Martens.

Hellabass has a fantasy team that is smokin.

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