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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blogger has now forced me to use the new and improved Blogger which I have heard bad things about. Hopefully they have the bugs worked out now.

My back is feeling better slowly. I think I might go to see the Chiropractor again sometime this week.

Weather: Early this morning and then again in the afternoon we had the first thunderstorms of the Spring. Very nice to see, although all the snow is not gone and the lakes will be iced up for at least another couple of weeks. It may hit 70F tommorrow. Yeah!

Congratulations to Aaron Martens on his first BASS tour win at the Cali Delta. Here he is seen getting the trophy from his mother who also used to be his tournament fishing partner.

BassFan Story...

Bass Story...

Bass Zone Story...

Of Note: had a on the water blog at the Delta. Cool Beans!

Fantasy Bass Fishing Update:
Bass Pundit 1: The worst tournament of the year so far for this unit, only 345pts but that was still about 50pts higher than the average score. Currently in 4th Place in the MN fantasy bass league and 450th overall.

BP Boys: On the strength of the A-Mart win the score was a respectable 421 moving up to 17th in the MN fantasy bass league and to 4151 overall.

Super 6 Pick'em:
Bass Pundit 1: Got 36 more pts which was tops in the MinnesotaEliteVenue league. For the year 84 pts which is 660th overall.

Bp Boys: notched 26pts which was 4th in MinnesotaEliteVenue league. For the year 62pts which is 1709th overall.

This week is both a BASS Elite event and FLW tour stop. Lots of fantasy bass opportunities. I'm gonna keep my fantasy BASS line up's the exact same. I'll probably make a change or two in FLW and Super 6 rosters.

Hellabass is kicking some serious tale in fantasy, right now he is #6 of all players overall. I think he is riding Remitz and KVD for serious points. He was 15th place at Amistad.

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