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Monday, March 12, 2007

BP now has a My Space page. Well I've followed in the footsteps of Hellabass and invested in another site to promote the Bass Pundit Franchise. If you are a My Space Cadet I look foreward to having you be in my "Friends." I think I will probably keep the Page designed in the simple stock manner. For the most part I think the jazzed up My Space pages are ugly and a pain to navigate around on dial up.

Through Sondra Rankin's My Space page I learned about, which is a website you might want to check out. They are giving away a bass boat, however it ain't free. You first have to be a member at $100 bucks a pop. I am really not clear on what else they offer as that you have to be a member to access the content.

Do I think it's worth the $100? Depends on if you have money to burn or not. Don't count on the BP signing up anytime soon.

John Murray has his Amistad Bassfan Bigsticks report up...

New March 11 Tour notes and Blog from SMG... Has the tale of Faircloth's big day, check it out.

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