Monday, March 29, 2021

Platte Open And My Tackle Warehouse Open As Well

It got to the mid 70's today.

2:30 Today Public Access
Whitecaps were blowing across the lake as far as the eye could see to the North. There was an ice sheet out front of the access, but I'm pretty sure it got blown across the bay by the day's end. I didn't get out to check the access in the evening because of colonoscopy prep. I did confirm Jenny's was ice-free. Long was 50-60% ice-free. Bulldog and Rock were maybe 20% open. No clue about Sullivan   

In the afternoon I got the Trophy prepped to be vacuumed out and then opened the Tackle Warehouse when I came back home to start the prep. I should have gotten to lake place earlier today. Oh well. 

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