Sunday, May 31, 2015

Snatcher Bay Lake Quick Report

Sunrise Wigwam Bay Mille Lacs Lake May 30th
It was downright cold in the morning out in the wind where we were fishing.  Good thing I thought to bring my stocking cap and wore plenty of layers.  Fishing was OK, my boater and I both had 10lb limits. Neither of us got an above average size fish for the lake.  I missed a few bites, but nothing I can say for sure that would have helped me.  I caught 9 keepers total and 3 pike.  I got one of my better fish on a Horny Toad and I also got my first fish ever on a Vixen; It was the first time I ever threw it.  I'm guessing I came in around 20th out of 30 people fishing.

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