Friday, May 08, 2015

2015 Bass Pundit's MN Fishing Opener Outlook

May 17th 2014 Eddy's Jetty at Mille Lacs Lake Sunset
Having to go in and get my ICD checked in the cities on Tuesday made for a long day and has kicked my butt for the last couple of days.  I didn't fish either Wed. or Thur. and I feel very unprepared for Opener at this point.  I'm not gonna sweat it though.  I've decided to let getting my boat The Trophy wait until early next week.  I could do it later this morning, but if I run into any issues at all, and when aren't there issues, I really will run into the risk of being unprepared.  I really should of had that situation squared away before this week, but I chose to fish instead of mess with the boat on all the nice days we had.

As it stands I plan to fish midnight at Mille Lacs off of Eddy's Jetty.  If that is unavailable,  I will put on my waders and go where I've gone the previous two years.  I will make a call sometime between 2 to 4AM whether or not I will stay or go home and get ready for sun up at the GOMH.  I'm thinking there is a 90% probability that I will be at the GOMH pre-sunrise.  I would really have to be whacking the eyes, to not be at the GOMH pre-sunrise fishing for bullheads and doggies.   I'm guessing that I will have to pick one side (N or S) or the other, but I'm hoping the cool temps might discourage some early risers  How the fish bite and the amount of fishermen that come out will determine how long I stay at the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  I may hit the Rock Dock and or Bulldog as well.  It looks like it's going to be a half way descent day on Saturday, so I may just have to let other people fish.

I don't expect golden bullheads to be a player at the GOMH, but toothy's and jumpers should.  I don't plan on having rods rigged for silvers.  I've caught plenty of them this year already.  As for eye's at midnight at Mille Lacs, my expectations are not high due to the forecast low wind conditions.  But the fish have surprised me before.

I would think I'd be a little more gung ho over the bass opening for catch and release, but I'm not all charged up about it for some reason.  Probably has to do with me not having the boat ready to go or the fact that I've already caught some donkey's this year already.

I will report on the days fishing here as well as at the Fishing Log Blog of coarse.


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