Monday, May 11, 2015

Opener Round 2: Mille Lacs, GOMH

My Weapons of Choice This Morning
3:15-5:45AM Mille Lacs
6:35-7:20AM GOMH
Conditions- Windier than yesterday and building even more towards sunrise.  Out of the ESE.  Colder than yesterday with temps down into the high 30's, mostly overcast.

I didn't wake up until midnight and didn't get headed to Mille Lacs until almost 3AM.  When I got there I was disappointed to find the wind no the same as yesterday.  I worked at the center Jetty where I fished yesterday for half an hour or so, before making the move to fish off of the corner of the North jetty.   I got one bite for sure and I landed it.
24" Husky Jerk
I got the firetiger Rippin Rap I got the fish on yesterday stuck in the rocks.  I ended up passing my rod along the the two trees and went down the shoreline a little and freed it.  As I was pulling it in it got stuck in a tree branch, which I was able to pull within reach and get it back.

I left just after sunrise, the wind was really picking up.

On the way home I decided to stop the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  I was pleased that no one was there.  I figured I would get a few fish.  I was wrong.  Didn't even get a bite, not a friggen bite.  The low water, combined with all the pressure/traffic it got yesterday was apparently to much.  I wonder how long it's going to be screwed up there.  I got to get my boat in the water now, for sure.

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