Thursday, September 08, 2011

Good Luck Boys!!!

Today is the start of the 2-Day MN B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Tournament of Champions at the Whitefish Chain here in Central MN. I'm not sure of who all is fishing it from my Club the Baxter Bass Snatchers and MN Bass fishing bloggers. My guess is I won't be able to see the results until after it is over unless Rich Lindgren Facebook or blogs them. Maybe if I wasn't such a Putz, I would go to the Day 2 weigh-in.

Have Fun guys and Good Luck!!!

So why am I not fishing it? I thought maybe some Bass Pundit readers may wonder why I am not there. I could fish it if I wanted too, but I'm just not that interested enough to justify the expense. To fish it, I would have to become a member of the MN Federation Nation. I am not sure how much the dues are, but I think it'a around $50. If I were to fish the state TOC I would be doing it as a non-boater which makes my chances of making the State team slim and none. And even if I were to make the state team, I'm not interested in going to Divisionals. Because this is the case it just doesn't make any sense for me financially to participate. Also it's a 2 day tournament with a compressed pre-fish and those physical demands would push me to my limits in terms of physical endurance.

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