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Friday, June 17, 2011

More Mille Lacs Skunk and Two Turtles

I wanted to use up my Reeds Gift Card at their Fathers Day Sale, so I headed into Onamia tonight. I got a pair of shoes and learned that Reeds is carrying Berkley Havoc Product. I bought a pack of white and a pack of black Lane's Grass Pig's to replace one's I've gone through. After a trip to Subway I naturally headed over the Eddy's Jetty. Totally dead for smallmouth for me, not even a bump. The wind was out of the East again, but not as bad as last time. There were other shore fishermen and a guy on the North Jetty had a big fish on, but his reel broke and he lost it. Another guy on the North Jetty caught a 20" walleye, a small keeper eye, and some perch that he kept. I saw a guy catch a small smallmouth off of the center Jetty. I spent far to long trying to make something happen. I think I left around a quarter to 9 and I went to the bridge at Shakopee Lake.

These two snappers were on either side of the road at the bridge.

I went down and fished the North side of the bridge and when I came up to go to the South side, the snapper with the weed on his shell that was on the South side of the road had disappeared.

On the South side I got a bite that took the paddle tail off my Gambler EZ. I then fished it without the tail and got a few bites but nothing I could hook up with. Eventually the EZ got pulled off the hook. Topwater was a no go and that was it. Totally skunked.

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