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Monday, June 13, 2011

Float Tubing Bulldog

My last pair of waders leaked badly so I hadn't been out in my float tube for a couple of years. I got a new pair of waders this winter and so I'll be doing some float tubing this year and tonight was the first trip and I chose to go to Bulldog Lake. Bulldog is 141 acres and has a dirt access with limited trailer parking and only a few cabins on the lake. It's pretty much lined with slop almost all the way around (rice,reeds,pads). The lake kicked out a legit 8lb bass around 5 years ago. The lake doesn't get a whole lot of pressure, but I've been told by a guy who has a place on the lake that it isn't as good for bass as it used to be. Tonight there actually was a truck and trailer at the access when I arrived about a quarter after 7PM.

Conditions were overcast with a little light rain as I first started out, but it cleared up around 9PM. There was a light breeze blowing out of the SE.

The public access is on the SW shore and I decided to head South. I brought a rod rigged with a brown Snagproof Ish's Phat Frog and a rod rigged with a black Berkley Havoc Lane's Grass Pig. I casted for a while at the access without luck so I got in the float tube and started off. I can't even believe I got the first fish I did. By far the smallest hollow body frog fish I've ever caught.
Down a little ways I had a fish boil at the frog, but not take it. I followed up with the Grass Pig. I was just about to switch back to the frog when I got a hit. I set the hook and it was a good one.

That is a Moaner Keel Weighted Stoker Hook in it's Maw. I have been impressed with these hooks.
It went 18.5 and was a total pig. Great way to start the trip. I mostly threw the frog, but I caught more fish on the Grass Pig and the 3 biggest. My biggest 6 fish were 18.5", 15.25",15",14",14",13". I caught a total of 11 bass and my last fish was a small pike on the Grass Pig. I fished until the mosquito's started getting bad, which was a bit later than usual because of the breeze.


BrookfieldAngler said...

HAHA! When I clicked on this link in my blogroll, I was expecting/hoping to see a bulldog on a float tube!

Assistant said...

I was expecting the exact same thing! a dog on a tube rolling down the water.

Enjoyed the blog post and pictures though! How big was that fish?


samyander said...

I'd love to see a pic of that 8 lber from five years ago. (CATCH ONE!) I left some pics for the derby under the fish pics tab. One for BassChronicles too, not sure when he will get around to posting any of his catches. There is a Wisconsin bass in there too though. Really interested in how Cullen chain goes, as we will be heading up there in July with the family.