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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Smith Mtn Day 3

BassFan Day 3 story...

Bass Fishing the Rock Lake PRO:
This was the first fish of the night. He gave his position away by hitting something. I moved in and capitalized. This was the only fish I got by that method tonight, though I had several tries at others.
This was my last fish on the night and the biggest by an inch.

The Story: I was up and fishing by about 6:40PM and stayed out till about 9:20PM. There was a slight SW breeze when I started which dwindled to calm. Temps in the mid 70's and the skies were mostly sunny/clear. I worked my way from East to West staying more to the North.

The action was far from fast and furious. I only caught 4 bass and these were the only serious blow ups I had. Maybe 2 other times fished swatted at the frog. Most of the time I was throwing the Bronze Eye Frog pictured; I threw the white swim jig too. All fish were caught on Kermit. The first fish was 16.5" and the last fish was the biggest at 17.5". All in all I don't think the Rock Lake PRO is holding the quality fish anymore, they have moved back into the lake.

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