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Friday, June 08, 2007

BPvDuffman Week 2/Smith Mtn Day 2

It's Friday and here at the Bass Pundit blog for the summer of 2007 that means BP vs Duffman Challenge results day.

Week #2
Basspastor 1
Duffan 0

Summer 2007
BP 2
Duffman 0

Challenge Notes: It was a weak week where it only took a 17inch bass for the BP to win. Apparently Duffman slipped and separated his shoulder at the ramp today, Ouch. Hopefully he will be up and fishing again soon. Once again the wisdom of locking out Cyberfish was apparent as Cyb caught at least 3 fish over 17" this week.

It was Day 2 at the Elite Series Smith Mountain Lake:

BassZone on the Water blog...

BassZone Day 2 Story...

BassFan Day 2 Story...

Rick Morris Day 1 DQ...
DQ My take: I think Rick Morris is in all probability lying about how the incident went down. He says he had a hand in the boat at all times yet he freed the fish from his topwater lure to get it in the boat. How would one do that one handed? Obviously you can't. As much as I hate to say it, I think the DQ had to have been the right call.

Fantasy Bass Notes: The Morris DQ will hit the BP boys hard during an already bad tournament. Day 2 was an improvement especially for BP 1, but the score is still well below the average score. BP 1 has 4 in the cut so hopefully more ground will be gained tommorrow.

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