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Friday, June 15, 2007

BP/Duffman-FLW Potomac Day 2

BassFan Story...

FLW story...

Quick Bites...

Jay Yelas BassFan Big Sticks...

Fantasy Bass Notes: Well the Potomac has been the best tournament of the year so far. Lots of movement on Day 2.

1 Schmenzig Bassmen 859 +86
2 Cyb'sBboys 828 +282
3 BPObro Todd Maas 811 +73
4 Minnesocold BP's Boys 790 -78
5 Bp's Mommy 690 +8
6 Bass Pundit 1 664 +88
7 BP's Dad 603 -135

BP Fishing Report: Mille Lacs 6/15/07...

I nearly forgot it's Friday and that means BP vs. Duffman challenge day. I haven't heard if Duffman got out. Actually I think he is injured and unable to fish therefore my 18.5" smallie is big fish of the week.

Week #3
BassPastor 1
Duffman 0

Summer 2007
Basspastor 3
Duffman 0

Today is also the day that the MN Bowfin Club Contest ends. This year I did not catch a single dogfish for the contest. Ohh well, there's always next year.

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