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Friday, June 01, 2007

BP vs Duffman Challenge Week 1

It's Friday and here at the Bass Pundit blog for the summer of 2007 that means BP vs Duffman Challenge results day.

Week #1
Basspastor 1
Duffman 0

No super hawgs were caught this week and Duffman's largest went 17inches. Apparently Duffman lost a toad boatside, so sad. With my 3 bass (2 Sally's, 1 Larry) that were 18"+ the BP takes week #1. I have a feeling if I don't get that boat of mine fixed quick, that this lead won't last very long. However tommorrow I will be in a boat at Beebe Lake with a Fishers of Men Club Twin Cities bass tournament.

Note: Sorry Cyberfish but I am not allowing you to compete in the Challenge. The fact that you would have won week #1 is reason enough. You can have your revenge tommorrow @ Beebe.

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