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Friday, June 08, 2007

BASS Smith Mountain Lake Day 1

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Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes: Please let day 1 not mean Jack Squat. It's ugly for BP 1 with the best angler on the roster in 40th place. BP boys have Rick Morris in 6th, but that's it with 3 of the 5 below 50th.

Rock Lake Fishing Report 6/7/07

The main lure of the night a swim jig either white on white or white gold w/rootbeer. This particular swim jig was soon lost to a pike or dogfish.
Big fish of the night 17.25" caught on white/white swim jig in the pads.

The Story: After a warm and thundery afternoon a cool front swept through. I got tricked into thinking the winds were going to let up, but by the time I was in the Rock Lake Pro it was gusting 15-20mph out of the SW. It was partly cloudy when I started and overcast with light sprinkles when I left with the temp falling from near 70 to the lower 60's. I fished from about 7:30pm to 9:30PM.

Things started off quickly with a first five cast 13" bass. I then missed a couple of hits by the Beaver Lodge. I slowly made my way against the wind back into the river. I missed a couple of small fish in the river then turned around and headed out. I decided to drift with the wind as I left the river. I missed a strike on the Zoom Horny Toad but I was mainly throwing a white gold swim jig with rootbeer grub. On my first drift I got a few strikes and probably caught 1 bass. I had the tail of the grub bitten off a couple of times.

I decided I would use an all white swim jig on my second drift. I quickly got hit by a 14" bass by the Beaver Lodge. I then caught a dink. As I drifted out I got a solid hit and then my line broke. I retied with another white/white swim jig. I missed a few bites, had a tail bit off and caught 2 bass including the 17" (pictured) on my second pass.

I tried a third pass but don't think I got anymore fish, though I missed a strike or two. It was getting dark and the wind was a bear so I called it quits. On my way out of the PRO I stopped to fish the South side mouth along the bullrushes and weeds I managed to get a 16" on a Spro Bronze Eye Frog.

So I got about 6-7 fish total with the 17.25" being the biggest.

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Anonymous said...

Hey BP, looks like you might be going on a run here for a bit. After give'n her a go for some bass this morning, I slipped and dislocated my shoulder at the landing, and to add insult to injury, the only bass I caught went about 10". Greatest feeling in the world when they popped it back in two hours later. Don't worry, I'm still in this thing, just gotta play from behind once I get back in the game. Take advantage of it, I don't want any mercy. Good Luck.