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Saturday, June 23, 2007

BP/Duffman Wk4/ Grand Day 2/ Dogfish Champ

BP vs. The Duffman Challenge
I have not heard from the Duffman and am assuming that he did not fish once again this week. I got out tonight and caught a 18incher, so once again the week goes to BP.

Week #4
Basspastor 1
Duffman 0

Summer 2007
Basspastor 4
Duffman 0

BASS Elite Grand Lake:
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Bassfan Big Stick John Murray...

BP Fishing Report: Platte Lake 6/22/07

The Story: I put in at the E Sullivan access around 7PM and headed into Platte to fish Loon Sex Point. I only managed a single 12" fish on the Spro Bronze Eye. The wind was out of the SE, so I decided to fish the S shore of the big Western bay in Platte. I decided to hit a few docks before getting into the slop. This paid off with a 18.25" and 13" both on Bubblegum Zoom Super Flukes. Once I got to the slop I started throwing a black Zoom Horny Toad. I lost the legs off of 2 different toads, probably to small pike. I fished with a toad with stump legs and caught a nice 17.5". I also missed a bite from a smaller bass on this frog.

To end the night I elected to go to the North end of Platte rather than the Sullivan PRO. I managed a single 13" on the North End. I called it a night around 9:35PM.

Congratulations to 2007 Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Champion Chuck Steinbauer!
He won the title with a 26 incher but the lake wasn't specified. The BP managed to make the article that appeared in the June 22 Brainerd Dispatch. As for me I did not manage to catch a single Doggie this year yet. Google "A Bowfin Champion at last Brainerd Dispatch" Registration required to read the article.

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Anonymous said...

Still out of commision for a bit, but I'm getting there. I figure I might be able to post an entry the week of the 4th, that's the plan. Getting antsy to stick a bigger fish soon.