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Saturday, October 07, 2017

North Long Mini-Bucks Quick Report

It was a tough bite out on North Long today.  Chuck only caught one bass over 2lbs and I didn't catch anything over 1.75lbs.  All the fish in our 10lb Bag (5 fish) were caught by Chuck.  I did catch a keeper size bass in all of the holes, but the first one.  I caught 7 or 8 bass over 12 inches total.  Chuck caught about 12 keepers total.  The tournament was won by Tom "Swannie" Swanson and Keith Tuma with a 13.5lb bag.  Guy and Hammer got 2nd Place falling .09lb behind the leaders.  The Henkensiefken boys came in 3rd and got big bass with a 3.50lber.  We got 4th because Ruff and Ludenia elected not to weigh their fish.   I'll have a full report when I get around to it hopefully later this week.

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