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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Despite It All I'm Happy For You A.P.

In case some of my readers are not aware, I was a huge fan of Adrian Peterson.  So much so that I actually got his jersey.  Then came the incident where he physically abused his child.  I thought the NFL punishment ended up being unfair to the whole Vikings organization.  Peterson getting injured last year was a major bummer and the way the season ended was downright pitiful.  How Peterson treated the organization that stood by him through all that was another disappointment to me, but I was still sad to see him go.   The Saints were obviously not the best of landing spots for him.  I am glad that he is now with the Arizona Cardinals where we will get to see just what Adrian has left in the tank if anything.

And as long as I'm blogging about football, I might as well give me thoughts on the Vikings season so far.  It was a real downer losing Dalvin Cook for the season.  Having that kid in the backfield was pure excitement.   Both A.P. and Robert Smith came back from serious knee injuries to have solid careers with the Vikings.  Hopefully he's a quick healer like A.P. . 

And then there is Sam Bradford's knee and psychological state.  That poor guy just can't catch a break. Who knows whether or not he will take another snap for the Vikes. 

Because of both injuries above I am not real high on the Vikings chances this season.  However, I believe the Vikes still have a shot at making the playoffs.  Our Defense is playing well and our O-line play has definitely improved.  If we can somehow beat the Packers this week.  My confidence meter will go way up.   

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