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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Weather: It was a little above normal today even though it was overcast. The forcast is for more of the same the next few days. Hooray. Took Patti and Lilah for a walk on the ice and it was slush city. Finally a good weather day for melting ice.

Reel Problem: Life is sweet when your baitcasting fishing reels are brand new; They are properly lubricated, smooth as a whistle, and everything works. I am hard on my baitcast reels and all of them have too many seasons under their belt. I have several reels that are broken down and all of my reels really could use being being professionally gone over. Most of the working reels have glitches or are in need of cleaning and lubrication, which is something that I don't have a knack for. I've been frustrated a couple of times having paid for service that was less than satisfactory in result, needless to say those places do not get any more business from me.

In addition to that, I have added one more rod to my arsenal than I have working reels. What to do, What to do?


HellaBass said...

I would write to BassTech!

On a serious note, buy some Curados, problem solved. You can probably by the old green ones on clearance somewhere ;)


Jon said...

Sorry it took me a month to respond on this one. I've had some great work done by Heartland Tackle for reel repair. They do take a long time to complete the job, though so I'd only send them one reel at a time during fishing season.