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Monday, March 27, 2006

Belated Tournament Report from Last Summer: Team Bass Guy /Gal Tournament Sylvia Twin July 23rd 2005

The Weather: It has turned warmer though still below normal. There is significant open water at the "Grumpy old man hole." It is supposed to be warmer with rain this week. I say, Bring it AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNN!

Grumpy Old Man Sighting: Last night I scratched that itch and went to the GOMH to do some fishing in above said open water while on my way to pick up dad at the new house. As expected I caught nothing. The water is very low right now. I then went to the East Access to see if anyone was ice fishing Sullivan. Lo and behold there was the grand pooh bah of GOM, Willard was at the access. Apparently he and Lee Ander had been out terrorizing little sunfish for the afternoon. He had a pale full of just big enough to clean one's. I had a good time listening to Willard talk; he had a story about a guy who he nearly saw drown last year and a story about almost getting wet getting off the Gull River.

Gar has been out fishing at a new Bass Hole

From BassFan: Show Me The Money:Veteran Pros Dispute Myth of Fishing Riches
BP comments: Frankly I am not surprized by the fact that all but a select few (KVD, Rick Clunn) have it tough when it comes to making ends meet as a Tour Pro

MN Tournament Fishing Schedule 2006

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