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Sunday, March 12, 2006

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FLW Kirby Tribute
Powerline Tribute
Game Six: The Stuff of Legend Jim Souhan, Star Tribune
Reusse Tribute

BP's Tribute:I may not have gotten to a lot of Twins games when Kirby was a player, but I went to enough of them to wintess Kirby at his Hall of Fame best. Robbing home runs, throwing guys out at the plate, driving in the game winning run, stealing a crucial base. On TV, and through the radio, I witnessed Kirby do all that and so much more. Kirby was a true hero to me and so many other Minnesocoldian's. I read Kirby's book, collected his baseball cards and loved to hear him interviewed because the guy was so funny to listen too.

I was plenty aware that Kirby loved to fish, whether it was pictures of him at Little Jim's Bait Shop in Annandale or the tales told by Spike at Gander Mountain. Hopefully Spike at Living the Dream will eventually share some of his favorite Puckett stories.

Godspeed Kirby.

On BassFan Radio: Minnesota Pro Mark Fisher of Bear Facts and Fish Tales and Rapala is inteviewed. He talks about development of new products (Rapala) for the bass fishing enthusiast and their pro staff.

I really like the look of those new flat sided baits, if they catch fish anywhere near as well as the X-Rap than I'll be a happy camper. I am quite partial to those flat siders in the early part of the season.

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There's a saying in bass fishing: "You can't win with the frog, but you can sure as heck lose with it." It's the mafia bait – first your friend, then your worst enemy. Why? Lost fish. Dump a 9-pounder on day 4 of an event and you'll remember it for the rest of your life. But today in Texas, at the Amistad Bassmaster Elite Series, Ish Monroe won with a lot of help from the frog.

Get the rest of the story on Ish Monroe and Fred Roumbanis who were Amistad Frogging Fools. Dean Rojas also said he was frogging it.

BTW-This year, I plan to throw frogs more than I ever have. Horny Toads, Sizmic's, Snag Proofs and Spro's; maybe I'll even pick up a Swamp Donkey if I see one.

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