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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Breaking FBF News: Posse Member BP's Mommy has taken 9th place in the FLW Fishing Challenge for Pickwick Lake. She wins an official FLW Outdoors t-shirt and FLW Outdoors hat. I am sure mom will be so thrilled that she will give the stuff to me. If it wasn't for that 118th place Dave Wolak pick, she could have been looking at the $5K.

West Rush Lake Report: The Cyberfish secret spot was only good for Cyberfish and that for about 5 minutes. The schools of Crappies really seemed to be on the move today and the action was there for sporadic bursts, the average crappie size left something to be desired too. Overall we had a good time and when the sun was out, and there was no wind, it was a heck of a nice morning and early afternoon. Thank goodness it wasn't a BP vs. Cyberfish competition day because he pretty much cleaned everyones clock. Maybe I'll have to challenge him to a big Crappie Contest at next weeks G.E.M. Outing.

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HellaBass said...

Congrats to BP's mom. Can you add Gopher Bassmasters to your Bass Club Blog Roll Links?