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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Big Cali Bass:
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BP's Thoughts: I don't think a snagged fish, whether intentional or not, should merit consideration as a world record. They did the right thing and let it go, so maybe it will be caught again. Big Bass gotta feed.

The Weather: We have gone into a slightly below normal weather pattern, which is frustrating as all get out to me. At this time of year every day of below normal temps means another day of Ice cover on the lakes. With this years mild winter we were on track for an earlier ice out than the last couple of years but that eventuality is slowly slipping away. When is it gonna be 50 again?

I won something! I just got an email from Bigfishtools and Spro, to let me know I won the Spro monthly lure give away. Hopefully it includes a Bronze Eye Frog or two. Yeah!

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