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Friday, May 06, 2005

World's Most Pathetic Bassin Blog!

That is what my blogging has been lately. I've got so much to write, but I just haven't gotten started and my backlog is about to get much worse.

I'll be heading to Cheesehead Country later today for the Sconi Fishin Openner on Sat and will be gone for several days. I doubt I'll be able to blog anything about it till the middle of next week.

Next week there is an FLW tournament at Wheeler/Guntersville so get those FLW Fishing Challenge Rosters in.

In my absense check out all the "Blogroll-O-BassNblog" Blogs and "Blogroll-O-FishNblog" blogs. (No those aren't links- the links are down the right hand column.)

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