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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Getting Nowhere Faster!

Now it's car trouble. I was about 7 miles from the access, at West Rush to help with the annual Rush Lake GEM Panfish outing, when my oil pressure dropped to nothing. It's either a bad oil pump or sensor, whatever, it NEEDS fixed ASAP.

So I ended up missing the GEM outing, mostly. I was there for a brief moment to let em know what was going on. Thank You Mike Cummins for driving me to Franzen Park and thanks to the Good Samaritan who drove me back. A church from Rush city was doing an angler outreach at the park with free food and one of their guys drove me back.

I gotta get my Log Blogging and BPC blogging up to date because after Friday, I'll be fishing a lot more.

Ohhh, and it's MAY AKA Fishing Openers Month.

WI Opener: Midnight Next Saturday May 7th!
MN Walleye/Pike Opener: Midnight Saturday May 14th!
BP's Tournament Opener: Team Bass @ Bone Lake WI Saturday May 21st 7AM!
MN Bass Fishing Opener: Saturday May 28th
(when I get out of bed, probably a bit before sun up if the weather is any good.)

FYI- Gar over at The Bass Hole has been catchin as have The Lost Nomad and Brad at Bassin Blog .

Anyone know of a new Blog-0-Bass, let me know so I can add em to the blogroll. Thanks Mngmnt!

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