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Friday, May 27, 2005

In 24 Hours...

Bass Fishing in Minnesocold will be legal. No, I will not be hitting the water at midnight.

The Morning Plan:
Cyberfish will be coming up tonight and we will be hitting the water early, probably 5 or so. We will be hitting the GOMH then go and try and work the PRO with jerks, topwaters, and jignpigs. From there we will probably come back into Platte and run some shallow straw and hay along with docks. Then Go in for Lunch; fishing will dicatate if it is an early or late lunch.

The Morning Objective:
Land a few toads that are 4lb's plus.

The Evening Plan:
Plan X Factor= Maybe head to Mille Lacs, but only if it is dead calm.

Plan B= Trailer the boat and head to Bordon to try for some Sallies and Larry's. Cool water will probably mean Husky Jerkin, and tubes.

The Evening Objective: Learn about this lake and hopefully pop lots of and big fish.

The Result: "The Plan" fell apart because I caught little fish and then we stayed on Platte for the whole weekend. Some of the results at BPvs.Cyb.

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