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Thursday, May 26, 2005

WI Openner with Teen Challenge

It's not quite the whole story of that weekend plus adventure but it sure is one long post with Pics. Would have had a bunch more pics if only that camera battery would stay charged.

Dogfishing Report: Still have yet to catch one and the contest only runs a month longer. However I am sure I will pop a big dude or two yet.

BP Commentary for Thursday May 26th:
I can't believe it's already Thursday and MN Bass season is just a couple of days away. I seriously need to get me a couple of Toads after the Bone Lake let down of 2005. Unfortunately it looks like the weather is gonna continue to drag it's feet (Cold, Clammy, Wet feet) right into the weekend and early next week. As GEM camper Quincy was so fond of saying "Ahh Dat Sucks!"

The Good News, the snap on boat cover for the trophy is far more waterproof than the trailering canvas and the water is rising MOMMA.

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