Friday, May 01, 2020

April Was A Brutal Month For Catching Fish for the BP

On April 17th I wrote a blog post entitled April Has Been Brutal So Far.  When I wrote it I was thoroughly convinced I would have things turned around in a big way by the end of the month. Due to my motor issues which developed on the 23rd that rally never materialized. The panfish never moved in en masse to where I could get them and I was no longer able to go to the fish.  That was a tough month.  I'm glad it's over. 

I have no idea when I will be able to use the Trophy. I think I'm probably going to have to write off the month of May as far as that goes.  I will be putting the Slop Slip to use and will continue hitting the GOMH at prime times.  I don't know if getting a hundred fish day is a realistic expectation now or not.  I am sure going to give hitting that goal this month my best shot. 

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