Saturday, December 21, 2019

Is This Really True?

From a Matthew Coller article at SKOR North.

From my understanding, the Vikes being the two seed takes a lot more to happen than that.  Right now the Pack, Saints, 49ers, and Seattle are all a game up on the Vikes.  It's as if Coller forgot about the Saints entirely.  As I said in my previous Vikings blog, the Pack losing next week to the Lions is extremely unlikely.  The Pack owns the tiebreaker. 

Thankfully, the people at Bring Me The News wrote an article spelling out how things have to break down for the Vikes to land in the 1 through 3 seed.

All three are extremely unlikely scenarios predicated on a Packers loss or tie to the Lions.

If I haven't said it here on the blog before, I am going to say it right now for the record.  I think it's a travesty that teams with the best records don't necessarily get a home playoff game.  It would be one thing if Division winners and wildcard teams had records that are tied.  Then OK, give the game to the Division winner.  But if the wildcard team has a game or more on the Division winner it just isn't right for them not to be rewarded with home-field advantage.  Hopefully, the NFL will eventually set that right.

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