Tuesday, October 01, 2019

So Close!

I didn't really follow the Elite Series or any form of Professional Fishing this year.  Thankfully I managed to put together two pretty good line ups for fantasy fishing this year.  The one for Elite Series AOY tournament was probably my best ever.

I picked Seth because it's a smallmouth fishery, duh!  The same goes for Gussy.  I didn't even realize Wendlandt was fishing the Elite Series until I saw his name at the penultimate event, so I picked him for that one.  He didn't do great, but I decided to stick with him.  Jamie Hartman is just a solid angler and always worthy of being picked.

"Big money, small town boy makes sense
So I'm pushin' all my chips on my man Cliff Prince"

Jamie Hartman caught a monster bag on Day 2.  Unfortunately, he was unable to do the same on Day 3 and so my line-up was unable to take the top spot.

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