Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Vikings Outlook After Week 7: Some Optimism Is In Order

I didn't get around to my post week 6 outlook.  I was guardedly optimistic that after the throat punch the Lions got in there loss to the Pack on Monday Night Football would land us a win and it did.  Bravo Vikes!  The O-Line looks like they are coming together nicely and the O is hitting on all cylinders. It's hard to know whether or not Cuzzbuzz is coming into his own or whether this is the same ole say ole of Kirk beating up on inferior competition.  The Lions flat out got ripped off in Lambert last week and that crowd in Detroit was rocking giving the game a playoff feel. 

The Vikes versus the Skins at home should be a win.  But it is a primetime game, a Cousins bugaboo, and we got beat by the Bills at home last year. You can't take anything for granted in the NFL.  Keenum will give us his best shot, but I think the D has something to prove as they can't be happy with their performance versus the Lions.

Outlook: Thumbs Up! 

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