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Monday, April 02, 2018

"Average size fish you catch?"

That was the question asked on Bass Boat Central Message Board thread. It was a question I'd frankly never given a whole lot of thought to except in my Bass Snatcher tournament weights where that info is provided for me on the clubs website.  As I contemplated my thoughts on the matter a bulb went on in my head;  Fish Swami can answer that question for me.  Fish Swami is an online fishing log that I have kept on all my fish catches since 2011.  They even had a pre-formed database query that instantly popped out the answer on every fish species I've caught since 2011.

I thought that's pretty cool!  But what's really cool is that I can customize my search queries to break down the info by year or month with pattern information right down to individual lures and individually to the lakes where I caught them.  Holy treasure trove of info batman!  That average size info has been just sitting there all this time and up until now, I haven't made any use of it.

For instance, I learned that I caught a significantly better-sized largemouth on Terminator Frogs and Sprinker knockoffs.