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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Had to Have It!

Today, I went up to Brainerd to pick up a few things at Fleet Farm that were on sale.  I also stopped at the new Dick's Sporting Goods Store to check it out.  This Dick's doesn't have the biggest fishing section I've ever been in, but it did have a decent enough selection of bass lures.  When I saw the Plopper Trailer I just had to get me a pack.  The ones I've seen online usually have one Plopper and one rattle but as you can see it was the two Plopper pack.  In case you haven't figured it out these are made to be put on a double frog hook to make a frog into a Plopper.  I suspect it won't be the most weedless thing in the world, but will probably work great in reed beds. We'll see.  I put one on a Snagproof and one is going on a Spro.
SnagProof Kicker Frog minus the legs