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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Will I Catch A Fish By May 1st?

That was the question I asked here at the blog in 2013 on this date. I put my chances in that blog post at 10%.  I then went on to lose a jumpin' bullhead and snag a carp and not catch a fish in May.  I put the odds at 50/50 for this year.  What I've got going in my favor are sun and warm temps which may bring some bullheads into the GOMH.  What I've got going against me are sun and warm temps which may bring other fisherpersons to the GOMH.  With the way the forecast is looking I am highly confident ice comes off the area lakes, minus Mille Lacs, sometime this upcoming week.  And if I don't get a fish by Monday I'm pretty sure I'll be catching by Friday.

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