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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Yesterday's Full Fishing Report: GOMH & Mille Lacs

Yes, once again it is time for Devin's Birthday Bullhead 

5:15-7:30AM GOMH NE SW SE, Bulldog
Conditions: Low 40's, Mostly Cloudy, Windy NE

Another beautiful sunrise that there is no way I would have seen had it not been for Devin's birthday.  I was dog tired and really was dragging this morning.  It took me a full hour from wake up to be out at the lake.  Normally it takes about 20-25 minutes tops.  I thought with the temps only getting down into the low 40's that maybe the bullheads would be stacked up and chewing on the North side.  Wasn't the case.  I was lucky to get the one.
16.5" Pure Poison/Swim Fluke Jr. (white)
She thumped it good on the third cast.  I had a dink jump and get off the Jerk Shad. I also got three toothy's in quick succession on the Jerk Shad on the North side before deciding I had enough of that.  I went to the SW side and got nothing.  I did have a fish hit at the Gunfish 117 a few times when I was on the SE side. I briefly went to the access at Bulldog.  What a lousy morning of fishing!
Nasty Conditions on the Pond
8:30-10:00P Mille Lacs North Jetty Corner
Conditions: Low 40's, Cloudy light rain and mist, Quite windy out of the East, 3 to 4 foot roller coming in.

I had originally planned to be at Mille Lacs tonight by 7:30PM.  But we had kind of a late supper and I had other distractions.  I didn't leave the house until 7:30 and then I had to stop at the lake place to pump water out of the boat.  I threw out a few casts off the dock while that was happening and didn't get anything.  That took until about 8:05 when I then headed to Mille Lacs.
15" Rippin' Rap
Due to the wind direction and rain the North Jetty corner was my only option.  I only took two rods out of the car, 6'8" St. Croix Avid and 7' Mojo.  I started out throwing the Grass Pig.  Didn't get a bite on that.  I then tried 3 different colors of Rippin Raps before getting my first fish of the night on the perch color.  That was the only hit I got on the Rippin Rap.  I then tried an X-Rap and didn't get a hit on that.

22.5" Jerk Shad (Chart Shad)
It was now after 9 and quickly getting dark.  I switched to a Jerk Shad.  I tried a slow retrieve with pauses and sure enough a nice walleye wanted it.  I also got a fish on the very next cast.

17" Jerk Shad
 About 5 minutes later I had a good one hit really close to the Jetty.  She was shaking her head and got off, bummer deal.  About 10 minutes later I got a cigar when I went to a slow retrieve, no pause.

12.5" Jerk Shad
It was about 5 minutes to 10 when I got my last one of the night and the biggest.

23" Jerk Shad
Darn rules shut me down and my night was done.

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