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Friday, May 12, 2017

Fishing Opener Outlook for 2017

The wind situation has me a little concerned.  It's really calm out right now and they have downgraded the forecast form 7MPH down to under 5, but at least it's supposed to be out of the North.  Enough wind to put some chop on the water should have me on eyes on Mille Lacs early tomorrow morning.  I didn't buy any leeches, so it's all artificials for me tonight.  I am going to start by throwing a 1/2oz Rippin' Rap.  From there I will go through various suspending jerkbaits trying to hit on a color combo they really are into. The clouds may or may not break up a little bit by midnight.  I hope the moon is visible most of the time.

I plan on fishing from the stroke of midnight to 3AM.  I might cut it short if I am skunked at 2AM.  Hopefully no one will be fishing the North Jetty when I arrive.  I plan on leaving the house by 11:15PM, so I should be there plenty early.  I'm bringing both Mojo's, 6'8" Avid, 6'4" Avid X, and the Muse Gold Spinning Rod.

Outlook for some eyes tonight is pretty good.

I'll come home get some food then head off to the GOMH.  How long I stay there depends on what I'm catching and how many people show up.  From there I am heading straight to the Lake Place to get the Trophy and heading to the river.  Hopefully there will be a school of fish in the PRO area and I won't need go anywhere else.  I think I am bringing 15 rods in the boat.  I plan to start off with topwater, but will quickly switch if that isn't happening.  I plan to be off the water by 12:30pm, so I can watch Major League Fishing.

I'll then get some sleep and plan to be back at Mille Lacs by midnight. The wind forecast is better for tomorrow night.

Good Luck this weekend everyone and be safe!

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