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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Zero Percent Hope of A Vikings Super Bowl This Season

My first Viking Blog of the 2016 Season
Sorry Kool-Aid Man, No Purple For Me This Year
Last year on December 1st I wrote a post outlining 3 Paths to the Superbowl.  Unfortunately, Blair Walsh missed the kick and that ended the Vikes season.  That was a bummer.  This season has been one thing going wrong after another on the Offensive side of the ball.  It's really quite remarkable the team is even still in the playoff race going into December this year.

While I think there is a chance the team may be able to make the playoffs this season, even if they lose to the Cowboys tonight.  I think there chances of us getting to the Superbowl if we do reach to playoffs are slim to none.  I believe the offensive line play is just too big of a liability for the Vikings to advance far into the playoffs.

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