Tuesday, December 01, 2015

3 Vikings Paths to the Superbowl This Year

It's now December and the Vikes at 8-3 are very much in the race to the Super Bowl at this point.  These are three paths on how I could see it happening.  Yes, this year.  All that has to happen is for one of them to happen in each of the games needed to get us there.

1. Vikings shut down D.

This Zimmer Defense is for real.  If they keep it dialed up, we could go.


2. AP goes MVP.

He's proven he's still capable of going off.  If he does, we could go.


3.  Teddy and our receiving core step forward.

Teddy and our receivers have played ok to mediocre all season.  We've got the weapons.  If he and our receiving core get hot, we could go.

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