Friday, January 01, 2016

What I Caught SM & LG Bass On In 2015

The 2 sight fish and half of the Fluke fish weren't actually caught.  They were follows.

As for the LM

I only caught 450 largemouth in 2015, a significant drop from the 602 I caught last year and way off the 922 I caught in 2013.  This was by far my worst year for catching largemouth since I started keeping track at Fish Swami in 2011.  I am blaming the normal Spring ice off and low water at Platte/Sullivan for most of the drop off in fish caught.  The GOMH just wasn't holding fish like it has in the past.  Instead of getting 10 or more largies per trip, I was getting 5 or less.

The positives I can take from 2015 were the number of fish I caught on Spro (41) and Mad Maxx (42) frogs and the 24 fish I got on the H20 Jerk Shad.  Also for the 1st time a chatter jig was my best largemouth lure of the year with the D & M Baits Piranha being the only lure in triple figures.  Some memorable hits this year on the frogs and the Piranha.

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