Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bass Snatchers Tentative Schedule for 2016

Last Saturday I was unable to attend the first Bass Snatcher Meeting of 2016.  Here are the Lakes they came up with for 2016.  The dates and lakes won't be official until after our Feb. meeting.  I've fished at least one tournament on each one of these lakes.

I think we are a little sketchy on Mille Lacs as bass might not be in season yet;  It depends on what the DNR does with the regulations there this year.  I think I am in favor of going to Mille Lacs provided the season is open.  I believe this would be the earliest tournament in the history of the club.

I hope Platte/Sullivan stays.  The only bummer being that if it's a hot bite I can't fish the lakes on Thurs. & Fri due to our clubs "Off Limits" Period.  I will definitely be putting the Trophy in the water this year if Platte/Sullivan stays on the schedule.  The last time we were here was in 2011.

Fish Hook Lake is southwest of Leech just North of Park Rapids.  It's a lake that has fished really well for the club and 2011 was the last time the club fished here as well.

Pokegama at Grand Rapids is a lake that has just about everything a bass fisherman in MN can want.  When we were last there in 2012 I was dealing with lower back problems and that was the last tournament I was able to fish that year.  Maybe this will be the year I get a smallmouth there.

Rabbit Lakes have been good to me in the past.

Gull Lake I've only fished two times, both tournament days.  I've always caught fish and this could be prime time for a topwater bite; Bring it!

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