Saturday, January 23, 2016

Out With Some New and New to Me Equipment

Thumbs Up on my new auger
Conditions: Mostly sunny, light SE wind,  temps from the low teens up to about 20 degrees

Today was the maiden voyage for my ION Auger, my new to me Polaroid Dual Screen Waterproof Camera and the "Selfie Stick" my brother gave me for Christmas.  Impressed with the Auger, not so much with the camera or ice thickness.  But I'm not gonna complain about the camera as I got it cheap.  The ice thickness was only about 14 inches and I won't drive the Expedition out until it is more like 20".
With the Polaroid and selfie stick without flash
Same fish with old camera and flash 
  I think I will bring both camera's with me for as long as the Power Shot still works.  I'll keep the Polaroid mounted on the selfie stick.

The sunfish were active today.  I got a couple 7 inchers and this 8" that broke my line, but I managed to grab it before it got away.
8" VMC Jig w/Gulp Minnow and Maggies
9.5" VMC Jig w/same
I got the crappie before I broke the jig off.  I wasn't going to retie as it was prime time.  I put some smaller minnows on the Glow Demon and got a few crappies on that and a Glow Demon with a waxie and Gulp Minnow;  None over 9.75".  Also I got this bullhead that came through suspended about half way up in 15 feet.
10" or so. Glow Demon w/Gulp and waxie
1 Bullhead
12 Sunfish
9 Crappies

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Luis Fisher said...

nice photos, I can say that the new camera worked well. :)