Saturday, January 02, 2016

1st Fish of 2016

5.5" Glow Demon w/wax worms
Conditions:  Sunny, wind out of the WNW, 32-26 degrees

Yesterday I went and got water for my minnows at Rock Lake and people were running wheelers on the lake, so I knew it was safe.  Today I got out and there was no one in my area but there had been a spear house there recently and somebody had drilled holes I was able to kick in.  I ended up drilling two additional holes.  First 5 fish were sunnies, the biggest was 7.75" out of about 15'.
7.75" Demon w/waxies

Then I got my first of 5 crappies.
9.5" Glow Demon w/waxies
  They were all the same size as the ones I got last year 8.5-9.5".  I ended up with 8 sunnies.  I missed a couple on minnows.

8 Sunfish
5 Crappies

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