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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last Day of a Lost Season

There are things that I can be positive about this season, namely coach Zim, Defensive improvement, and Teddy.  But all those pail in comparison to the tragedy that was the fall of A.P..

In case you didn't know Adrian Peterson was my favorite player to watch in all of the NFL.  What he did to his kid sucks.  His punishment has sucked just about as much to me as a fan.  I don't think what he did to his kid was right or fair.  I don't think how the NFL handled it was right or fair either.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  Adrian should have been fined for the games he didn't play then been reinstated after the court ruled.  Instead Goodell decided to make an example out of Adrian, just as he did of Ray Rice.  I don't think Ray Rice was treated justly either.  I get it, both men made a mistake.  I think both men owned up to it, and were making amends.  Ray Rice's career as football player maybe over and Adrian's as a Viking maybe over.  Like I said, it's a tragedy.  

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