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Saturday, December 06, 2014

I Had A Dream...

...this morning that I was out fishing at Lake Sylvia in my Fish Trap using my Vexilar.  I didn't get the fish I was marking to bite before I woke up.

So today I pulled the Trap out of where I'd been keeping it and opened it up for the first time in several years.  Fortunately no mice got into it that I could tell.  It is basically ready to go; The power auger not so much.  I put gas in the auger and much to my amazement it started, at least in fits and starts.  But there is a fuel leak somewhere and it never ran to the point of being able to turn the auger.  Dad will have to take a look at it.   Hopefully it's just the fuel line.  I always have the hand augers.  Hopefully, the blades are still sharp.

I've got the Vexilar and Aqua View ready to go.  My ice reels and line need some attention.  I could be fishing as soon as soon as Wednesday.   I've kind of got an urge to go and try Mille Lacs, not that I've ever had much success there.

Updated 12-7-14 at 2AM: Got reels and line done.

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