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Sunday, September 07, 2014

SKOL Vikings 2014!!!

Last year in my Skol Vikings post I listed 3 questions that needed to be answered for us to have a good season.  Needless to say they were all answered in a negative fashion.

1. AP didn't stay healthy.
2. Ponder wasn't the answer.
3. Our secondary was really really bad

At the end of last season I thought Frazier should have been given another year just like AP did. The way things have worked out with us getting Zimmer and Turner I am glad now that we didn't. I am really hopeful that Zimmer is going to turn things around.

Here are my 3 questions for this year for the Vikings to have a good year.

1.  Can Zimmer bring the defense back to respectability?  With the way our season starts with games against New England, Saints, Packers, and Atlanta we our going to need it and need it fast.  If we can force turnovers like we did this preseason then our D should be good to go.

2.  Can our O Line keep Cassel upright and give AP room to roam?  Last year O Line play was highly inconsistent.  We need Kalil to return to Pro Bowl form.

3. Can AP stay healthy and win another rushing title?  I know Norv wants to spread the ball around and get AP involved in the passing game, so maybe a rushing title is asking for a bit much;  But you can't put anything past what AP can do if he's healthy.   Whatever happens as long as AP is getting the rock a lot, I'm OK with it.

Prediction for the year:  I think we win at least 7 games minimum and possibly 11 if everything falls our way. If we can start 2-0 then everybody in our division better be on notice.

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