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Monday, September 15, 2014

AP, I'm Disappointed!

Disappointment:  That is how I feel about how Adrian Peterson chose to discipline his 4 year old child.  He apparently was totally oblivious to the fact that he crossed a line into what is clearly unacceptable corporal discipline, especially for a child that young.  However, I am not appalled by his actions precisely because I don't believe he knew what he was doing was in fact abusive.  I think Adrian is now in the process of discovering that what he did was wrong.  I have little doubt that Adrian will "Get It."

Update: When I wrote this blog I was unsure of what the Vikings would choose to do with Adrian.  I was really hoping the rumors that he might be released were not true.  I was of the opinion that whatever the team chose to do in this situation I would just have to be OK with that.  I was frankly a little surprised/stunned that they chose to let him play this week.  After thinking about it for a day, I have grudgingly come to the opinion that the Vikings have made a mistake.  I really really want to give Adrian the benefit of the doubt, but in this case there isn't much there for anyone to doubt.  He clearly did abuse his kid.  That is not acceptable and making him sit only 1 game at this point isn't enough. I believe the right thing to do would have been to deactivate him for the next 3 games, which was within the teams power to do .  I say this with with great sadness.

As far as how the team did this week vs the Pats:  In light of how things went down I'm not that surprised at the result.  I do think the D played OK, well enough to give us a shot.  It was obviously the Special Teams and O that let us down this week.   Unfortunately I don't see us winning next week in New Orleans regardless of whether or not Adrian is back.


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