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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bass Snatchers Last Tournament of the Year Tomorrow

Well this year has gone a lot like last year for me in the fishing department of my life.  I got preoccupied with other things and I haven't done any fishing in the month of September.  That will change on Sunday morning when I will be fishing at the Whitefish Chain for the last Bass Snatcher Tournament of the season.  Obviously I didn't get to pre-fish with my boater, long time club member Herman W..  I fished my very first tournament in the Snatchers Club with Herman back in 2008 at Farm Island Lake.  He is quite a character and I'm sure I will have a good time whether or not we catch fish.

I need a motivation shot, because right now I could care less about doing well in the tournament.  I just want to catch a few fish, whether they be bass or pike it doesn't matter to me I'll be happy.

Update: I found my motivation.  This fish crushed it.
16.5" Jumpin Bullhead.

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