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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vikings Season Over- My Thoughts

I believe, like my brother Todd, that Coach Frazier deserves another season as head coach. However, unlike Todd I believe Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave deserves to stay as well.  D Coordinator needs to be gone.  Will I get my wish on this? Probably not, but I put it out there.  If Frazier is gone then Brian Billick is my first choice.

As far as how the season played out.  I am most disappointed with the way Peterson was used in the 3 game stretch from Carolina to Green Bay.  Seriously, what was our play calling about in those 3 games.  It's to bad he got injured at Baltimore, otherwise he would have been in the race for another rushing title this year.

I am equally disappointed that Ponder proved he was not up to the task. To me, the play out of Cassel was only marginally better and I believe the statistics back me up on that.  And like everyone else I have no clue what the deal with Freeman was all about.  I don't know what we should do about QB for next year.  I would prefer we go for a defensive player with our #1 draft pick rather than reaching for a QB..  It was clear to me this year that our #1 problem was our defense, not our QB play.  It will be interesting to see what our off season moves will be.

The biggest positive from the season has to be the play of Cordarrelle Patterson.  We got a bigger, stronger Percy Harvin.


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